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Record user sessions

Test variants of your site with A/B tests

Use an integrated cookie notice with geolocation

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Use powerful features

For maketers, developers and site owners

Track conversions of any type

Track clicks with left and middle mouse buttons (on links)

Easily track clicks in outbound, affiliate, anchor and file download links

Accurately track how long users are engaged in page's content

Track how many of your visitors use adblock

Tag session recordings and heatmaps with any data (e-commerce, user, conversions - you name it)

Prevent tracking double-clicks and rage-clicks

Track when elements come into view and how far the page is scrolled

Easily exclude yourself and your employees from being tracked (even when they are not logged-in)

Enable Cookie Notice with 1 click

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True opt-in & opt-out

Easy to modify

Tracking exclusion


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